About Quickbuild Containers

Built in minutes!

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Easy to build in minutes

Quickbuild Containers can be assembled in minutes and with no tools required. Watch this video to see just how easy!  A number of installation techniques are possible to counter restricted spaces. You can also buy a container pre-assembled if you need to.

The Ultimate Space Machine

Quickbuild Containers are designed to provide storage solutions to homeowners, businesses and industry sectors such as construction, the trades, farming, self storage and rental. 

Containers can be joined together using connection kits to make a single larger unit, they can also be stacked up to three high fully laden.

Quickbuild Containers have won awards all over the globe, and are available in many sizes and configurations. 

Flexible World Class Designs

Our Containers provide our customers with flexibility in responding to changes in the market without large investments in buildings and equipment. Our products also provide solutions to situations where a site is difficult to access. The unique and hassle free installation options help create solutions to various situations.