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Quickbuild Containers | the ultimate choice

Quickbuild Containers are available in six standard sizes: 1×2 metre up to 6×2 metres.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What are Quickbuild Containers?

They are galvanised steel containers manufactured to a very high specification using high tensile 20 gauge steel, they are strong and very secure, they are available in a variety of sizes, and come flat packed to your door. BUT best of all, you can build the container in minutes, with no need for tools!

How heavy are Quickbuild Containers?

The overall weight of containers are as follows:
1x2m = 150kg | 2x2m = 250kg | 3x2m = 350kg | 4x2m = 450kg | 5x2m = 550kg | 6x2m = 650kg
BUT remember a container is made up of at least 6 separate  components, the heaviest being the floor panel, which makes them easy to handle. 

Can you put a Quickbuild Container anywhere?

Whilst you can order a container pre-assembled, most are delivered flat-packed. You can move the various components piece by piece to your preferred location and build on site in minutes, OR, assemble the container on a flat surface and relocate by lifting the container with a forklift or crane.
Within reason, you can get a Quickbuild Container almost anywhere. Indoor use is also an option, all containers are 2.1 metres in height. 

Do I need planning permission for a Quickbuild Container?

Quickbuild Container are non-permanent so in most cases not. However, if you are unsure we recommend you check with your local planning authorities.

Can we hire Quickbuild Containers?

Yes you can!

Please contact us for more information about where and who you can hire Quickbuild Containers from. 

Delivery and assemble services?

We will happily provide quotes to deliver your Container via a freight company, or on our specialist trailers (either flatpacked or already assembled). We can also help assemble your Container onsite, including site preparation if required. Call us today!

Dismantling, relocation & storage?

Yes!  We can do it all.  Maybe you sell your house and need your Container relocated, have nowhere for it and need it stored, or simply want it moved, we can help.  Call us ...

Are finance options available?

Quickbuild Containers has a finance company who assists customers who require finance options.  Please contact us for more information.  

Choices and maintenance

Do we have a choice of colour?

Containers come standard in a highly finished galvanised steel which is silver in colour. Containers can be painted in a colour of your choice, at an additional cost.

Do the Quickbuild Container have a problem with condensation?

No, there is a general misconception that condensation is an issue with steel containers. The basic rule is that if you don’t load damp materials there is not a problem. Our containers are fully weatherproof and can breathe.  

For areas with high humidity or extreme cold climates, we recommend ordering a container with our special anti-condensation coating. This is a pre-applied coarse coating on the ceiling panel, a thin absorptive anti-condensation coating based on perlite (volcanic rock) and an acrylic emulsion. It has excellent properties for water absorption. This protects stored items effectively from condensation and is non-flammable.

What maintenance do I need to carry out?

Steel storage containers are very robust and require little or no maintenance.  


Can the containers be easily lined?

Yes!  We have a timber batten system that can be installed in minutes that become the fixings for plywood lining or similar products.  This system can be dismantled easily too if required.